If you literally have a problem being with a dark skin girl. You are a BITCH NIGGA.




I agree wholeheartedly. But I think this about any girl. If race is that much of issue to you there is a huge problem. Beauty is Beauty let’s be real here. 

Nah. My man. Im talking about dark skinned black women.

Cause they are besides black women in general the most disrespected woman historically and in general


I do not understand why people choose to be in denial about this. 

Good Lord.


Anonymous asked:

Thoughts on police? Do you think there are good cops out there?

kingjaffejoffer answered:

the militarization of America’s police force concerns me. I don’t think the police are impartial servicemen of the law who only want to see justice done. They’re a gang who have decided its going to be “us vs. them”, and they’ll do whatever’s necessary to get what they want, whether its legal or not.

If by “good cops”, you mean cops who won’t go out of their way to harm anyone or personally do anything fucked up? Yes, I think cops like that exist.

However, those kind of cops are guilty by inaction when they see their fellow brothers breaking the law, beating people or killing people and they refuse to speak up about it. The code of silence among policemen is rarely broken. 

Any time theres a discussion on how fucked up cops are, someone always joins the conversation like “MY DAD/BROTHER/UNCLE IS A COP AND HE’S A GOOD GUY”. I’m sure he is, but I’d bet my left nut he’s seen his co-workers violating people countless amount of times and did nothing to stop it.